quickly and qualitatively

  • Individual approach for different projects

  • Web design and corporate identity creation from scratch.

  • Online advertising and social media promotion

Reasonable flexible prices

Websites from € 450 – we have optimized our workflow, thanks to many years of experience and modern technology.


We have you covered from the moment you order the website to its launch, with the possibility of further technical support.


We will develop an individual custom-made logo and graphics for you, choose a colour palette and produce the design.


We will Create an advertising campaign in Google Ads and provide 90 € to the budget. Clients will come in the first 3 days.

Additional services

We will book a photo session and professional video filming to add unique content and develop a strong image for your site



From 500€

From 450€


From 800€

From 700€


From 1200€

From 900€


Small business

  • Small business

    An optimal website configuration for starting and developing your business on the Internet, to attract, retain and connect with your customers. A corporate website provides the greatest functionality for business management on the Internet. On the other hand, a landing page website is the more affordable option. But what if a company’s profile cannot fit into a landing page, but does not need a full corporate website yet? The choice is obvious – to create a Small Business website, which, in terms of its functionality, is ideal for a fresh business.

  • Landing page

    This is a one-page website designed to conduct an advertising campaign, for a specific product or service and to attract the target audience to the site, for a unique (low) price. The landing page is promoted using contextual advertising, which increases the conversion of visitors to buyers. A good landing page helps the client, learn about the benefits of your company. A convincing text always resonates with the visitor. Social media Buttons make it easy for your visitors and customers to share your company’s news and promotions with their friends. It’s a constant and free advertising!

From €450


  • Site-catalog

    The Internet showcase, in addition to general and contact information, contains a catalog of goods produced and sold by the company, or services offered. The task of the catalog site is to familiarize the website visitor directly with each individual product.

  • Promo site

    A beautiful, attractive multi-page website, whose task is to make a visual impact on the visitor. A promo site is an excellent tool for shaping a great image of a company or person. Suitable for photographers and photo studios, designers and design studios, architects and architectural firms, for product or service presentations, conferences and many other cases, where visual impact is important.

From €700

Business +

  • Corporate website

    The purpose of the corporate website is to cover a wide range of tasks: providing the most complete information about the company, its products and services, comprehensive information, support and services for clients and partners of the company. A corporate website differs from most web resources, since its goal is not only sales, but also the creation of a strong image and great reputation. It helps to shape the company’s image as a reliable partner. In addition to the catalog, the website includes sections like “company news” and “articles”, allowing visitors to learn about the achievements of the organization, and the clients – to always be aware of events, promotions, offers etc.

  • Online store 

    An online store is a fully functional website that meets all modern requirements, both in terms of presentation capabilities and in terms of the convenience of working with the product range. The online store created by us is a modern trading channel. With this tool, you will have the opportunity to sell your products or services to a huge audience. Ordering the production of an online store is a strategically correct and a necessary step, on the way to building a successful company.

From €900

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